No Matter Your Stage of Recovery, We Help You Steer In New Directions

Substance abuse and addiction can be an isolating experience. The stigma, and especially the legal danger when it comes to illegal drugs, makes it difficult to come forward and reach out for help. But here at New Directions Addiction Recovery Services (NDARS), we firmly believe that everyone can recover from addiction, but that nobody has to go at it alone. That’s why we’ve developed a set of different programs that serve the Chicago area’s recovery community in various important ways.

What We Do

The work that New Directions does is divided into three main programs that try to comprehensively address different parts of the recovery experience.

The most prominent is The Other Side. This is the sober bar that we run in Crystal Lake, IL. People in recovery often find that not being able to go out with their friends to pubs, clubs, and parties can make for what feels like a boring or lonely social life.  The Other Side aims to change that by offering a community space where you can grab a nonalcoholic drink, dance to some music, play pool, or watch the game.

Connect To Recovery is a 24/7 hotline that helps people currently struggling with addiction connect to members of
the recovery community. Callers are redirected to volunteers in a call tree divided by gender and age, so it’s someone they can relate to. The volunteer can talk to the caller, answer questions, meet with them, give rides to treatments, and whatever else they need to engage with the recovery lifestyle and community.

And finally there’s our most recently created program, our sober living home. This is where twelve residents who fulfill certain requirements are given affordable housing where they can live in a stable environment that supports their recovery. Residents attend twelve-step meetings and regular outings, while also getting help from case workers with such things as resumes, court fees, and driver’s licenses.

Whatever stage of recovery you find yourself in, there’s a way we can serve you. Whether as a new housemate or as a new regular at the sober bar, we hope you can take advantage of the help we offer, and that you’ll find success in building a better life.