New Directions Addiction Recovery Services (NDARS) is a nonprofit organization. As such, we depend heavily on our community to provide us the support we need to run our programs. Time and again, we’re humbled by the level of care and generosity we see from both individuals and organizations in the area, but there’s nobody to whom we’re more grateful than the partner organizations whose contributions facilitate our ability to serve the recovery community.

The Foglia Family Foundation has been instrumental in not only funding but also in planning the creation of our Sober Living House, which houses 12 men in recovery and provides a wide array of services. This independent foundation ir contribution helped us secure property and convert a building to use as the Sober Living House. Then, when the zoning commission required us to start over with a new location, the Foglia Family Foundation stepped up once again with another generous donation that supported us going through the process again. Without them, this program wouldn’t exist.

Another invaluable partner in our efforts is Sage Products. This company was also founded by Vince Foglia of the Foglia Family Foundation. Though they’ve changed ownership, they continue his legacy of philanthropy by allowing us to participate in fundraisers they hold within their company, so their employees donate to us through events hosted by Sage. These contributions have helped us manage our expenses as we run our programs.

Curran Construction is another local business whose generous donations have supported us. It’s companies like Curran that keep us going, not only with their contributions but also with strength they give us by demonstrating the support we receive from our community.

Other partners include:

  • Three Amigas Grocery
  • Renowned Building Solutions
  • Landstar Construction Inc.
  • Jetts Heating and Cooling
  • ALA Architects and Planners
  • Frontier Marketing LLC
  • Material Things Artisan Market
  • Live4Lali
  • Man In Recovery Foundation