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8 Remarks that are Harmful to Recovery

Choose Your Words Carefully When Talking to Your Recovering Loved One Addiction recovery is a delicate process and should be addressed carefully. Don’t assume you know what to say to a recovering addict because your words could be more harmful than helpful. Here are eight things to avoid saying because

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How to Support Loved Ones in Recovery During the Holidays

The Holidays Come with Unique Challenges for Recovering Addicts While this time of year does come with its share of warmth and merriment for many people, it can also be particularly tough on recovering addicts. While well intentioned, holiday traditions and activities can often turn into triggers for people in

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Should I Call the Police on My Addicted Loved One?

Getting the Law Involved Is Tough, but Sometimes Necessary Loving someone who’s battling addiction is a struggle in and of itself. You suffer alongside them, worry about them constantly, and are always trying to think of some way to save them from themselves. You just want the fight to end

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How Do 12-Step Programs Compare to Other Recovery Programs?

Which Type of Addiction Recovery Program is Right for Me? We’ve all heard of 12-step programs for addiction recovery, made famous by Alcoholics Anonymous. Today, this is the most prominent type of addiction recovery program in the country, used in about 74% of treatment centers to treat over 300 different

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